Innocent Accident

As little kids with a full house of family and cousins on a winter night with nowhere to go, there was a good chance someone was going to get hurt. We needed to get creative on what we were going to play, something that included the big and little kids as well as staying in a single room. As kids we have no idea how an innocent game can have big consequences.
We started playing hide and seek where the seeker was blindfolded and just to make it more fun we switched off the lights. The room was extremely dark and the only thing to go by was the giggles you heard coming from all around the room. A couple rounds in the game the good hiding places were limited, so I decided to just lie in the bed under the covers. As the seeker, who was my older cousin, came closer to me I started backing up. Right in that moment he felt my leg. I had nowhere to go as I backed to the headboard of the bed that doubled as a shelf was at my head right then he jumped on me head butting me and at the same time banging my head in the shelf. When I screamed my dad walked in the room realizing I was bleeding from my nose and the back of my head he panicked and decided to rush me to the emergency room, only to have my mom pick me up a couple minutes later, take me back home and fix me up without making it more traumatizing then it was. Maybe it should have been more traumatizing; maybe I would have learned a lesson because exactly a year later it happened all over again.
When we’re kids everything seems so to be so simple and fun not realizing the big consequences things sometimes can have. Parents should always and constantly keep an eye on kids to avoid big accidents from happening, as well as helping them understand the consequences that someone can have even when no harm is intended. Teaching those limits and right from wrong can play a major role in their lives to help prevent accidents.