Innocence and Evil

Innocence an Evil
Jonathan Brown
Mindy Ratcliff
March 19, 2014

We have all read the story of Little Red Riding hood, but have we really paid attention to the story? I believe that Little Red Riding Hood is a story of the beauty of innocence, and the cunningness of evil. The symbolism of innocence and evil are rampant through the whole story, we just need to observe them.
In the beginning of the story we are automatically introduced to the main character, Little Red Riding Hood. She is described as; “the prettiest creature who was ever seen.”   (Clugston 2010) She is loved by her mother and grandmother very much. She is the Ideal symbol of innocence. She is a young girl who is beautiful and loved by all. Her mother gave her a red riding hood, red being the color of passion. Red is also known as the color of danger, telling us that innocence is always in danger.
The other main character we meet is the wolf. Wolves are known as a symbol of evil, and prowling. They represent evil in multiple short stories, and there is even a well known phrase used to describe deceit. The wolf wants to devour the girl from the first moment he sees her, just as evil seeks to devour innocence continuously.
All of us have more than likely had to draw an illustration of the story, even if it was in elementary school. When we hear the term pretty, in reference to a little girl, we think blonde hair, blue eyes. When we hear the word wolf, we think of the color black. This shows that our imagination helps paint the picture of the story when we read it.
Some people have even tried to re-write the classic tale. Matthew Moffet (2007) tried to make the story more kid friendly by offering an option of the wolf assisting the girl. Others have tried to make the story more family friendly and less violent as well. The popular television show Once Upon a Time, portrays the girl also being the wolf. No matter how the tale is told, there is always the same idea, good versus evil....