Inner vs Outer Beauty

Unique Brown
April 6, 2015
Compare and Contrast
Inner Beauty and Physical Beauty
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a Woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows. (Audrey Hepburn.) What comes to mine when you hear the word “beauty?”   Well, beauty is a perception of an object, person, or aspect, which is fully opinionated by the mind. Beauty cannot be proven by fact because it is completely based on how and what a person distinguishes the aspect to be. There are two categories of beauty: inner beauty and physical. Physical beauty is the beauty a person inherits from a parent or ancestor, whereas inner beauty is a beauty that can be achieved. Therefore, physical beauty includes appearance, complexion, and physical features of a person, while inner beauty is comprised of characteristics, traits, and personality of an individual. Also, Inner beauty and physical beauty have different qualities. These two beauties have an effect on people, yet they differ in various ways such as the portrayals of the beauty.
To accentuate, the first difference is the portrayal or descriptions of the beauties. By definition, inner beauty may be described as something that’s experienced through a person’s character rather than by appearances. It’s the real beauty of a person that goes far beyond just physical appearances. Inner beauty is a beauty that is based on characteristics, traits, attitude, personality, and just the whole being of who a person is and the expression of who a person is to other people. Inner beauty is also a state of confidence on how someone feels, and in the moment of a certain feeling a person can express an “ugly” inner beauty or “beautiful” inner beauty. Physical beauty is an individual’s outer appearance including their elegance, complexion, hair color, face shape, eye shape, eye color, body type, height, etc. This beauty is a beauty in which how people first sees...