Case Analysis
Infosys (A): Strategic Human Resources Management
Dr. S. Cates

Infosys (A): Strategic Human Resources Management

Infosys Vision
      Infosys changed their initial vision from performing work within India for foreign clients to sending Indian IT professionals to the client site abroad “off-shoring”.   This was to be in accordance with the rest of the industry, this practice allowed Infosys to take ownership of the project rather than be own by the client.   Infosys became more quality and process focus in its approach to software development.   This approach changed Infosys from being an Indian company with global reach to a global company based in India.
Major Issues
      Infosys was consider the best employer on year 2001 and 2002 on the Best Employer List, however surprisingly they fell off from the Best Employer List on 2003.   The rapid growth of the company brought an increase of employee‘s discontent through out the employee hierarchy.   Some of the discontent that occurred because the compensation from the issue of stock did not produced the same rate of return for the newest employees as it had occurred with the first stock issued to the old employees.
      The rapid company growth Infosys became more process-oriented and started to leverage its experience with more repetitive projects.   Employees realized they were not able to develop their creativity and technical ingenuity that empowered at the beginnings of the company.   Another factor was the fact that employees felt that company was more impersonal and some of the benefits from the initial years were not been offer anymore.   Finally, the last factor that created discontent among employees was a rapid change on HR policies and the compensation breakdown.

Alternative Course of Action
      Infosys to communicate employee’s values and tried to practice them during every interaction.   They tried to train every new hire and do continue training on core value...