Infosys Consulting in 2006

case: Infosys consulting in 2006
1. In 2006, how well is Infosys Technologies doing? ● Infosys Technologies ○ 1999: ■ 3,700 employees ■ $120m annual revenue ○ 2004 ■ 25,000 employees (p3) ■ $1B annual revenue (p3) ○ 2005 ■ $1.5B annual revenue (p22) 43% compounded annual growth rate ● Infosys Consulting: ○ More than100 consulting engagements (p1) ○ More than 200 employees (p1), achieving its 2 year recruiting target ○ Contributed to Infosys Technologies’s ranking in Wired

What is the company’s strategic position in the IT industry and what are its distinctive competencies? We need define how we interpret distinctive competencies. If this means competitive advantage: ● Global Delivery method provides: ○ shorter project life cycle ○ reduced costs ○ measurable results for clients IT offers a broad range of IT services (p2) - all downstream activities ● package implementation ● R&D ● infrastructure management ● testing ● BPO ICI was designed to complement IT’s offerings, with the upstream consulting services Tsiness consulting, whereas a lot of other firms seem stronger in one area or another. The firm is able to offer top quality services in both domains. It has a global network which allows for quicker project competition and lower prices. ICI is very customer focused. It focuses on delivering what client’ value, and it has a range of mechanisms to support this. Well integrated with parent. Work as a team.

Unique implementation model, several real time iterations of configuration Where does it fit in the industry value chain? ● Infosys Consulting provides IT strategy and process consultation ● Infosys Technologies provides implementation through to BPO services ○ package implmentaion ○ R&D ○ infrastructure management ○ system integration ○ testing a service ○ BPO How would you describe its culture? Philosophy of ‘measure everything” p11 IT’s values: p13 ● Delivering high quality work ● measuring every aspect of performance ● maintaining a sense of humility IT...