Informed Choices in Health and Social Care

Informed Choices and
Imposing Opinion.

I have been informed that Barry has being assisting Mr Day with choosing his care package, however some of the other care staff are concerned that Barry is not giving Mr Day all of the relevant information and may be imposing his own views.

I have spoken to Barry regarding the information and largely expressed the need to ensure all information is given. Barry stated that he gave as much information as he thought was necessary and did not know what else to do. So I explained some different approaches to take with Mr Day that will ensure that he had all of the relevant information and that it was not bias.
  Some of these tactics where approaches such as spider diagrams starting off with the individual and then each rout they could take and branching off to good and bad point or each.   Making lists to add up the pros and cons of each of the options and also ensuring that Mr Day is aware of other sources of information, such as his Social Worker, Leaflets and Pier Groups ( people under the same circumstances). I also expressed that it is law that all care is person centred and that Mr Day had the right to be fully informed on all areas of his care needs to allow him to make his own choices.

I then went on to explain Mr Day also has the right to challenge any area of his care and he should be fully aware of this.   Barry stated that he never realised he had not given Mr Day this opportunity and asked how to ensure he could do so in the future.   I explained to Barry when developing a plan with an individual he should promote this by at the end of every plan, for instance elimination or mobility, he should ask the individual if they had any queries problems or things they did not understand. He should also inform them at the beginning and at the end if they have any problems to stop and ask, they should be informed about their ability to decline and challenge their care where they disagree.   This also involves the...