Information Systems & Software Applications

Every corporation in today‚Äôs business is able to choose from different varieties of software application and information systems to help run their business. Within a corporation, there are different departments that have different responsibilities and some have management responsibility overseeing staffs.   In order for the staffs and departments to their job effectively, companies must provide their staff a resourceful and efficient software application to assist them in completing their work. Having these types of software allows the company to keep track of their success and makes it easier for the employees to do their job.   I will provide an overview of the software applications available for Human Resources is HRIS, for Finance is QuickBooks and for Accounting is Peachtree software
Human Resources
Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a system that is designed to assist the Human Resource Department to track employees information, data information that are needed to process payroll, time and labor management, employee benefits, recruiting, management, and accounting functions within a business.   A successful HRIS provides information for the companies to track and analyze about employees, former employees, and applicants.   The HRIS enable employees and management to go online to view his or her personnel information to update or makes necessary changes to their address, taxes, personal details and benefits information as well as print their pay stubs.  
The benefit of the payroll system in HRIS is that it computerizes the entire payroll process by gathering the latest employee payroll information. In addition, it also gathers information like calculating the various deductions and tax reports, employee attendance, with this updated information it enables the Human Resources Department to be more efficient and allows employees to view their personal information with just a click away.