Information Technology


Topic: Information Security and Browsing the Internet safely.

Purpose: After listening to my speech students will have basic knowledge on Information Security

Thesis: With the knowledge acquired from this presentation you will know how to protect your system,   protect your information, and to browse the internet safely.


  I. How much do you know about internet security? Are you aware that every single one of us is vulnerable for some kind of information security attack?

  a) Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, modification or destruction.

  b) Information security focuses on protecting data resources from malware attacks or simply mistakes from people like you and me.

  II. Information security is composed by these three qualities known as “CIA”. “CIA” is known as the core of information security.

  a) Confidentiality
To prevent the disclosure of information to unauthorized individuals or systems.

  b) Integrity
Data cannot be modified without authorization.

  c) Availability
Ensures reliable and timely access to data. For any information system to serve its purpose the information must be available when it is needed.

(Transition: Let’s move on to more interesting stuff. Does anyone know what a hacker is? , what do they do? The general use of the word hacker refers to someone who attacks computers, what about malware? , malware is software that enters a computer system without the owner’s knowledge. Viruses, worms, spyware are examples of malware. But what are the chances of my system getting infected and how do I protect it)


According to a study by CompTIA (Computing Technology Information Association) over 25% of end users reported their productivity was affected by a spyware infection. Approximately 9 out of 10 computers are infected with some type of spyware.

  I. What are the risks of poor system security?...