Information Technology

Organizational Department and Information System
Francisco Diaz
October 4, 2010
Professor John Allen

      Company Organizational Departments and Information Systems
      In this modern day and age many companies are looking into replacing employee positions in the organizational department with computers wherever possible. To fulfill this, the company adopts different software applications and information systems that can handle the workload the position requires. There are numerous information systems being used by companies today. Some of the information systems I will be covering are accounting information system (AIS), human resource information system (HRIS), and management information system (MIS).
      Accounting information systems are the backbone to a company’s finances. It provides all the financial information that is necessary for the company to manage an organization. This information ranges anywhere from “budgets and tax reports to multinational financial statements” (Henson, 2006). Once the data is procured, decision makers study it and take action in deciding which options may be best for the company in a financial standpoint.
Human resource information systems; also known as Human Resource management systems muster all the human resources tasks into one database. These tasks include payroll, benefit and management, and training to name a few. Human resource information systems accomplish this by simply integrating with different programs and software, which each handle a specific task in the human resource department. “It allows companies to cut costs and offer more information to employees in a faster and more efficient way” (Kleiman, 2010).
Management information systems are somewhat distinct from any of the other information systems companies use. Unlike the information systems that collect data from a multitude of applications and software, management information systems acquire their data from the data of other...