Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) Risk Management
Giavanni King
AJS/ 524
Professor George Jabra
August 22, 2016

        Riordan Manufacturing is a company that works in a few states within the United States and also over sea. With being an international company and a billion-dollar company, information security is very important. In this paper I will explore possible vulnerabilities within their system. I will address potential internal and external threats. This paper will also address natural and unintended events that may jeopardize their system. Finally, I will determine what levels of security will be appropriate to secure information, that will allow the maximum uninterrupted workflow.
System Vulnerabilities
        As with any system there are vulnerabilities of the systems being compromised by hackers or disgruntle employees or employees looking to a financial gain. When it comes to Riordan Manufacturing, this company is an international company. There are plants that are located in Albany, Ga., Pontiac, Mi., China, and a headquarters in San Jose, Ca. With this company having so many locations and also being overseas that is more of an opportunity of their systems being hacked. This is also a billion-dollar company, with a high demand product. A systems vulnerability for this company would be the network that they are using to run the company and communicate between all of the workers at the different plants that they work out of and the headquarters of the company. With all utilizing the same network could be a big weakness for the company and make it easy for a hacker to infiltrate the company and gather very important information or gain access to the financial side of the company. This vulnerability could jeopardize the productivity of the company and will help another company gain their information to build a similar product. This will hurt Riordan Manufacturing financially, by giving another company the means to steal their business idea and...