Information Systems and Software

Information Systems and Software Applications
University of phoenix

      An information system is a computer based system uses for collecting, storing, organizing, evaluating, processing, and communicating information. Information Systems are critical to manage efficiently a business or organization through its different departments. The information is taken from the past, present or future (prediction) and the goal of Information Systems is to process the data into information and knowledge.
Information systems can include: software which are the programs that make it possible for the hardware to process the data; data resources such as databases include image, video, audio, and others; the hardware includes machines, media, and resources of a system used to process the information, people management, decision support systems, and project management, applications, procedures or instructions, and any computer based knowledge procedures that permit different areas to run efficiently.
Managing information systems and software applications is fundamental for different aspects of any type of business or organization. It helps with business operations, processes, strategies, control, and management; providing competitive advantages. Information systems can include a diversity of forms like electronic messages, reports, visual presentations, images, multimedia documents, graphics, and audio responses.
All the areas in a company use Information systems and software, for example in the human resources area it is essential to make use of the information properly in order to do payrolls, data tracking, management, and accounting functions within the business or organization. Typically, Human Resource Information Systems should be able to provide management with all of employee information, training, reports and examination of employee information, productivity, provide employee handbooks, safety guidelines, attendance and punctuality, performance, training, and...