Information Systems and Softare Apps!

Information Systems and Software Applications

University of Phoenix

BIS 219

September 11, 2010

Various Software Applications within Organizational Departments

In today’s changing business climate, software applications (SA) and information systems (IS) are changing the way both small and large companies are doing business.   The way information resources within these business’ are more advanced and intricate, and the growth of many companies has called for the use of SA and IS or CBIS to integrate the various departments.   Such departments as accounting, marketing, management, and human resources are using these SA and IS to enhance the way the company operates, plans, organizes, produces, and manages all aspects within the organization.

Accounting Software Applications

The accounting department within an organization may use many varying SA or CBIS that either is streamlined for their company or basic applications that meet the small needs of that business.   Such SA’s as the “Enterprise Resource Planning” This is a system that allows all the departments (accounting, planning, marketing, and sales can all be covered relating to the accounting of each department (ERP Accounting Software-Is It for My Business/, 2010, ¶ 2).   This enables management to quickly locate all accounts receivable, payable, inventories, and other financial sources and means within the business (ERP Accounting Software-Is It for My Business?, 2010).   The “Sage MAS 500” made by Microsoft® enables accounting departments to manage more than one currency, consolidations and allocations, as well as accounts payable and receivable (ERP Accounting Software-Is It For My Business?, 2010, ¶ 3).   In the accounting department the need for these SA provides business’ the ability to control large or small companies various inflow and outflow of capital; this while cutting back on time, and being more efficient and less labor intensive.   This in-turn allows companies to save on time and...