Information Security Article Evaluation

Overall I think the website didn’t do a good job telling the whole story. For example I found on another website that called ( stated that 60% of Facebook users keep their profiles private, and most report high levels of confidence in their ability to manage their settings and those users have a variety of ways to make available or limit access to their personal information on social media sites. Privacy settings are one of many tools in a user’s personal data management tool kit. Among most Facebook users, most choose private settings that allow only approved friends to view the content that they post. tries to paint a picture that users are completely unprotected and is selling enormous amounts of our information to third parties. While some of this may be true I do believe that it is up to the user to make sure he or she uses the tools provided by Facebook and you as the user are responsible for what you do on the site.
Users share a lot of information about themselves on social media sites; sure the sites themselves are designed to encourage information sharing and expansion of networks. But, few users make their accounts public on social media. I found that this article provided some great insight as to the proper security measures to ensure safety of your privacy, how it talked a lot about what most Facebook users are not doing to protect themselves and their privacy without providing much proof to what users are doing or not doing. I don’t particularly trust because it put too much blame on the social media and none on the user. While giving good tips to users on how to protect yourself from log-in take overs and other threats its information when it came to surveys didn’t seem to be accurate.