Information Resources


In this paper I will define information resources, and give the 3 different types. We will discuss application soft ware, and give examples. Will give 3 departments within a company, and define each of them. The departments are: accounting, HR (human resources) and management. Then give an example of what some of their task are at my job working at McDonald’s.
What are information resources?   Information resources: (1) the data and information assets of an organization, department or unit. (2) Another name for the Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT) department. (Farlex, Inc., 2010)   One of the primary goals of information systems is to economically process data into information and knowledge. There are 3 main types of information systems: Data, Information, and Knowledge. DATA ITEMS refer to an elementary description of things, events, activities, and transactions that are recorded, classified, and stored but are not organized to convey any specific meaning. Data items can be numbers, letters, figures, sounds, or images. INFORMATION: refers to data that have been organized so that they have meaning and value to the recipient. KNOWLEDGE: consists of data and/or information that have been organized and processed to convey understanding, experience, accumulated learning, and expertise as they apply to a current business problem.   (Turban & Rainer, 2008)
Application software is a subclass of computer software that employs the capabilities of a computer directly to a task that the user wishes to perform. This should be contrasted with system software which is involved in integrating a computer's various capabilities, but does not directly apply them in the performance of tasks that benefit the user. Examples: desk top, media player, spread sheet, word processor. (Application software - Definition, 2010)
Accounting is defined as the bookkeeping methods involved in making a financial record of business transactions...