Information Protection Sheet

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Information Protection Worksheet

Look at the following pictures. From what you can see, determine what physical and technical safeguards are currently being used to protect sensitive information. Additionally, look for potential issues that could be improved.

Write a 100- to 200-word summary for each situation explaining the strengths and weaknesses of security and privacy. If you identify weaknesses, propose safeguards that could be used to correct them.

Situation 1


Hint: Consider the proximity of the receptionist to the waiting patients.


The weaknesses in this picture are that the receptionist doesn’t have much privacy from the patients in the waiting room.Someone could easily look over her shoulder and see what she’s doing. Where the receptionist is sitting isn’t good for the privacy and security of patients. To improve security, the receptionist should be in a enclosed room or have a wall to her back instead of the open space. By doing this, the doctors office is safeguarding patients personal information.Safeguarding patient information is important because the receptionist is helping prevent unauthorized users steal patient information. If she changed up the office setting, it would be helping to provide the best quality care possible.

Situation 2


Hint: What can you determine about the surroundings of the work environment?


In this picture setting, there is a lot of privacy and safety for patients health records. I see that the medical receptionists are in an enclosed space. This is great because no unauthorized users can just look over their shoulders.Also, I see that they are using the computer, so maybe they are using Electronic Health records.It is very beneficial if they were using electronic health records in their office...