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Political socialization is the process by which political culture and the way of doing things is implemented into a society as a whole. It happens at the community and the personal level, and its ideology extends beyond the political culture to shape peoples political ideas and orientations including my own. Political socialization is a life long journey and people and institutions contribute to its formation. Individuals including myself are shaped by it from politics, family, peers, and social class. People are also socialized by existing laws, media, religion, education, their own gender, and more.
Basically, the process is never ending and the factors which shape it are all encompassing. People acquire political culture through a process known as political socialization. Although the bulk of political socialization occurs during childhood, adults continue to be socialized. Political socialization occurs in many ways.When I was young there were a lot of influential factors that taught to me and conditioned me to what the norms and values of my society were and what constituted a productive member of society. The most prominent agents of political socialization for me as a kid was family, school, work, and the media.
  * The first and most important thing that affected me as a kid was my family. I spent a lot of time hearing what my dad and mom’s political views were which were mostly democratic. I started   to pick up their habits, beliefs, their behavior, and attitudes. My parents were catholic and I was raised up believing the same.   They also taught that you need to earn your money and work hard for it and that the poor shouldn’t get a free ride and that the black were lazy. Their view for the most part was a very conservative view.It was a harsh view and not a very kind one, but being a kid I thought they were an authority to all things I believed what they said and it shaped my younger political views. Though education and experience I do not have those...