Information Breifing

Information Technology Project Implementation Failures

  Working within an organization or business a forming a project can be extremely complex.   Staffing, management, human resources, training, (IT) information technology, and finance are all part of the implementation process all parties must be on board to ensure success.   The implementation process that is starting must be planned and   strategically processed in order to ensure that the stake holders are all advised and educated on the process of the new system being implemented.

In our case we neglected to educated our stakeholders in this case our staff of the pros of implementing the system project, this caused a major disconnect between staff. The communication on why the project needed to be done and how this would increase productivity and efficiency was not properly sold to the company stakeholders.   Another major disconnect came when the stake holders felt less like physicians but more like secretaries. This one statement alone by company stakeholders shows how they felt underappreciated and overworked. The miscommunication guaranteeing a timeline for the project to be up and running was also not discussed and caused many to doubt the IT department’s efficiency on having the system up and running.

The second area of disconnect which turned in a domino effect for the implementation process was that key physicians took business away to another company promising more results for a system that they already had up and running.   Every implementation process needs champions the two key champions of CPOE have left the hospital and another champion was selected but the champion was not a project supporter.   We now have a failure with support for the system that we have invested time and money on.   The support of the system is one of the key issues needed to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

The project hit other snags such as the time line promised and because of this more staff was needed...