Devin Jones
                                                                                                                                          Language Arts 8 Mod 3-B/D
    Mrs. Carey-Blackman
                  April 26, 2010
                                                            THE GET AWAY                
                                                            Mr. Barnett has finally got up but couldn’t move much with a bad headache. So then he got some ice and some medicine to help it feel better. Then he helped his wife, and cleaned up some of the mess that the boys made. “I’ll get those boys that did this” Mr. Barnett said so angrily. A little while later he went out looking for those boys. But, his wife didn’t want him to go because she thought he was going to get hurt again. Mr. Barnett told her “Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine, it’s those guys who you got to worry about”. “But before I leave where is my bat?” cried Mr. Barnett. “It’s right by the door honey, and please be careful” said Mrs. Barnett. So he went off in his truck to start looking for them. Meanwhile, R.W. and Melvin went to the Logan’s house. They got out the truck taking off their stockings with the gun in their hand. R.W. said “Too bad T.J. couldn’t make it; we could have shared the gun with him too”. While Mr. Barnett was on his search he saw R.W. and Melvin taking off their stockings with the gun in their hand and looked at the gun in his hand. “Hey you two, R.W. and Melvin, put your hands up and don’t move” Mr. Barnett said so furious and mad. “I should of known it was ya’ll two fools and now I finally caught you guys, now ya’ll going to get in this truck, or else we can do this the hard way” Mr. Barnett said waving the bat he was holding in his hand. “Well ok, but please don’t hurt us we are so sorry, we won’t do it again” cried Melvin. “Well come on in this truck then” said Mr. Barnett. So he drove them to the police station. On the way there R.W. whispered to...