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Information Systems and Software Applications
Anna Saenz



Information Systems and Software Applications

      Information systems and software applications are available for many organizational departments within a company such as the marketing, accounting, and human resources. Each department within an organization plays an important role in maintaining the organization moving.
      Marketing is involved with the development of goods and services in the economy, as well as the distribution of these industrial and consumer goods. (Sultan Qaboos University, 2010). Marketing organizations work analyzing markets and customers, producing offers and promotions to the target markets, and planning the money and time to increase the sales of products and services. (Unica Corporation, 2009).
Software Applications
      Marketing For analyzing there is the presentation software; document software, spreadsheet, business intelligence and reporting software, order management and price optimization software, marketing database management software, and consumer relationship management software. For planning: spreadsheet, document, and e-mail software is often used to communicate and work on marketing plans and budgets. For producing: graphic, photo, illustration, video, audio, text, and web-page editing software. Project calendars, planning, and tracking software. (Unica Corporation, 2009).
Types of marketing software
      The different types of software used by marketers can be categorized into groups. Productivity and Collaboration: Includes spreadsheet and document software as well as FPT sites (File Transfer Protocol), document proofing, and online mark-up systems.
Business Applications: Relationship Marketing Databases, Call center Software, Point of Sale Systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems, and Business Intelligence Suites.
Design and Production Tools: Video and audio editing, graphic design and document...