Info on Science

Thank you so much for helping out today.   I have two classes of Physical Science and one ACT prep class.

Physical Science 1B – 3B

1.   I have notes for Chapter 5 Titled Ch6 Section 3 on my desktop. Tell the students to copy these and label them Chapter 6 Section 2 and 3.   They must copy them. They should copy all of the slides.   The black remote changes the slides.

2.   When they finish taking the notes, then they should complete the problems on the Newton’s Second Law Worksheet.   This is a classroom set.   They should do these on a separate sheet of paper to turn in.   These are force, mass and acceleration problems.   They should be able to figure out how to work these by the example problems. They need to turn these in before they leave.

3   If they finish and are causing a disruption, or they tell you that they can’t figure out how to do the problems, then tell them to go to page 141 and 147 and complete the section review.   Write the questions and the answers.   Then they can define all of the bold printed words in section 1 and 2.   If they still don’t have enough work have them outline section 3 in Chapter 6.  

They are to keep their notes, and they are to turn in the problems and story.

If they finish the original lesson and are not causing a disruption, they are fine.   It is up to you.   If they are getting loud and causing problems, feel free to give them all the work you like.   Neither the textbooks nor the packets should leave the room.