Influential Women of the Past

Throughout time women have left some kind of imprint on history. In ancient Egypt women played a particularly important role in the country’s history. Women were respected by society and were given the chance to voice their opinions and gain power. There were even women who gained the chance to rule Egypt. All women were of great importance in the home and in religion, which were main parts of Egyptian society. These women from the past influenced Egypt and have helped the country succeed and become what it is today.
Ancient Egyptian society was mainly focused around the family and around religion, in both of these aspects of Egyptian life women held great influence. In accordance to the point that women were an important part of family life, all wives, mothers, and daughters were highly respected and were held in high caliber.   Women ran the household, unlike in many societies where the male is the head of the family. Not only would women raise the children but they would also take care of the family affairs, which is commonly considered to be the male’s role.1 And not only did women have an important role in their family but they also had great influence over religion. Goddesses would hold high and superior positions in the religious pantheon and there would be no complaint about this from the male population. 2 These religions, female figures shed a light on women that revealed them to be religious as well as powerful and hard working. Women were highly respected because of the hard work and tasks they achieved, it was only through diligence and perseverance that women were able to pull themselves up to the place in society that they held then and the place in society that they hold today.
In ancient Egypt it was believed that everything had a duel; something that was the opposite of it.   It was generally believed that women were the duel of men. They complimented each other and were dependant on each other. Unlike the modern world where each gender...