Influences on the Growth of New Religious Expressions and Spiritualities

‘New Age’ religions are a disseminated counter-cultural and spiritual movement in which seeks ‘universal truth’ as devotees attempt to accomplish their greatest human potential.   The 1970’s saw the rising popularity of various new religious. These expressions and spiritualities have since gradually become accepted into mainstream society. Most recently they have seen the interaction and accompaniment between various traditional religions. There has been a fusion of differing system of beliefs, often borrowing multiple elements and philosophical traditions.
The 2001 Australian census affirms that the current religious landscape holds (ADD CENSUS DATA) which overtly exemplifies the rapid ascent of new religious expressions and spiritualities evident in Australia today.
There have been a range of factors in which have allured masses to engage in new age expressions and influenced the escalation of such spiritualities. Notably the increasing rise of materialism, advances in scientific progress, the growth of ecological awareness together with the dissatisfaction with ‘traditional’ religious practices have been most significant.   Additionally, one might conform to the ‘new age’ because of a developing tolerance for differences, disillusionment with secular humanism and media portrayal of such.
The rise of materialism accounts for a large growth of new religious expressions and spiritualities. New Age religious expressions attest to being a means of gaining wealth. With Australian society today witnessing a greater affluence, which has inevitably lead to an increasing possession of material commodities, the number of adherence has increased. Accompanied by the ever-growing materialistic nature of society, the desire to acquire prosperity and wealth rapidly is critical.   As a result many people are being drawn towards these approaches which claim to facilitate immediate and definite accumulation of wealth.
Multiple religious expressions also advocate ways of...