Inequality in Social Lives

In this assignment I intend to discuss my knowledge of the term ‘Inequality’ and the examples and effects of this seen in the DVD “Making Social Lives: City Road”.
The term inequality has many different meanings, however in the context we are looking at the term we know the definition to be; The difference people and societies and the division of income, rights and social acceptance.
There are many examples of inequalities in the DVD “Making Social Lives; City Road” these are examples of Inequality in economics, social aspects and personal inequalities. The first example seen in the DVD is while Lloyd Robson talks to Janet Symmons in her shop Exquisite Africa. We first note the term inequality through her own personal reasons while she is discussing her immigration to England “I have held onto my African side and one reason I've done that originally I used to look at as it’s me who has come and therefore I got to do the changing to fit in. I didn’t expect anybody to change for me I did all the changing” Janet felt she had to change and adapt to her new environment, she had to alter her cultural and social routine in order to conform thereby modifying her own identity.
Later in the DVD we visit Collin Buttwell’s Newsagents which is struggling due to the introduction of the supermarket Tesco.” It knocked me a bit the Tesco’s opening two blocks up. That made a difference. Spar opened up about oh about 25 years ago
up the road but that didn’t affect me although it did knock out a newsagent
next to him” These large corporations are causing a decline in Collin’s business due to their convenience and well known brand, meaning his customers take their business there instead. Collin feels his business is inadequate in comparison to the large chain store causing feelings of inequality due to inability to compete.
As we explore more of City Road we come across The Taste bud’s cafe, run by Jose Suarez. As we speak to Jose he says that he has tried to introduce...