outline some of the inequalities on the street which you know.

Inequality refers to a situation in which individual groups in a society do no have equal social status social class , social circle and also refers to freedom of speech ,property , access to education , health care ,quality housing, transport and social goods and services.

What I have learnt from studying this module about the city roads and inequalities, things are not as the same they appear at the first glance. There is a street in my area close to where I live that has many similarities to City Road, Many of the things there I would not have noticed. This module has helped me to connect to people and the aspect to see things differently creating equality and inequalities. The inequalities that can be seen when you drive or walk through City Road or even Simon Bromley said(Learning companion 1, pg 25) That City Roads are unique , much of what we can see and applied to almost any street. I know understand how materiel’s things are and have a great impact on different areas in our social lives such as gender, class, age, ethnicity and country.

The street I have choosing and been observing to talk about is London Road. It has some similarities to city road. It is a multicultural and diverse area and its home to many diverse communities. It is also a very busy streets and a long one. It has a lot of different shops, restaurants comprising of residential flats and house with small business, hospital that serves the main community and it’s near the Croydon shopping centre, you can see how busy that road would be. Many of the shops on this street are food stuffs shops, selling all kinds of food stuffs to different kinds of people from different countries mainly Africa’s and   the carbines .There are lots of cheap items that are sold by this shops . o. Most of the items sold on this street are from Africa and this is creating unequal access to other people living in the area.   For example there...