Outline some of the inequalities on a street that you know.

When I think about Peebles high street, I see a street that looks exactly the same as it did 50 years ago. But the differences between now and then are tremendous. Stucturally, every building is the same as it was, but there is only 1 shop there now that was there 50 years ago. Forsyths & Sons have been trading in the same place since 1938! Peebles, as a town has won awards for having a greater number of independent traders rather than big chains.

When I was a small girl, I loved nothing more than getting my pocket money on a Friday afternoon and going along to the local sweet shop to spend it. I was probably 7/8 at the time, and mothers didn't think twice about sending us on our own, to go to the shops. Because Peebles was quite a small town then, there was no harm in sending you along to 'Bettys' to get a pint of milk or a loaf of bread. Everyone knew everyone and even if you didn't need shopping, people would just pop into the shop for a quick chat, or to meet your friends. Nowadays, that would   be exremely frowned upon, in any shop or on any street.

One of the similarities between City Road, Cardiff and Peebles high street is the young people hanging around at night , outside the local chip shop. This causes problems for the people who live above but unlike City Road, people are not afraid to walk past them. This doesn't mean that Peebles has no crime. It does! But I think, only because the young have nowhere to go. Peebles doesn't have a Mackintosh Centre like City Road does. The young just tend to hang about on the street corners or outside the chippy.
Unfortunately, Peebles doesn't cater for young people. It's more for the elderly or tourists. Which is why, I think, that the crime rate and drug problem keeps rising. The kids have nothing to do and nowhere to go when school is finished, so they probably think that if they do petty crimes and smoke/take drugs, it's better than sitting in...