Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution caused a lot of pollution which made living conditions tough and caused people to have declining health. Pollution is the presence or introduction of a substance into the environment that has harmful or poisonous effects. During the Industrial Revolution people were introduced to all kinds of new chemicals and substances. The introduction of these new chemicals had a negative effect on both the people and the environment around them.
Coal caused a lot of pollution which contributed to people’s diminishing health.   During the Industrial Revolution coal was used as the main source of heating because it had qualities that made it an ideal fuel. Even though coal was a amazing source of fuel it had a major downfall. “In areas where large amounts of coal are burned soat can cover everything in sight and darken whole cities and towns”(Industrial Revolution Almanac). This helps to show the many effects that coal had on the cities and the sanitary conditions. Coal had a extremely negative effect on sanitary conditions because of the dirt and grim that covered the cities, this allowed disease to spread quickly basically making cities a cesspool for disease. Pollution such as coal was a huge contributor to peoples declining health.
Urbanization leads to pollution which is bad for people’s health.   When people migrate to cities it causes an increase in pollution, this increase in pollution is caused mostly by the cities not being clean. Trash not being disposed of properly was one of the worst ways urbanization contributed to people’s diminishing health. “The amounts of pollution and land despoliation and area of land over which it took place dramatically increased”. Many people migrated to cities; this left many of them homeless and unable to dispose of their trash and other things properly, creating a very unsanitary living condition for people. This shows how urbanization can have a huge effect on pollution and people’s health.
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