2.1: Develop an induction programme in agreement with others:
Bryony Park Care home has a comprehensive induction programme for any new employees.
Between appointment and the first day (Person responsible - Line Manager)
  * Send out contract and confirmation letter of employment.
  * Supervisor/Manager to call employee to welcome the new employee to the organisation.
  * Inform other colleagues within the department when the new employee is to start and their responsibility to support the new induct
  * Invite the new employee to any social outings before the first day so                                                                 they can form a social connection with other employees.
First Day:
  * Meet and greet the new employee.
  * Give them a tour of the building and introduce to staff.
  * Show the new employee where all the facilities are and where their desk   is.
  *     Provide the new starter with a "buddy".
  *     Provide training on the office systems such as how to use the phones, computers and faxe
  *   Provide the new employee with relevant stationery, phone lists,                                                                     business cards.
  * Provide the new employee with a copy of the company induction pack to                                                                   read.                                                                        
First week:
  * Supervisor/ manager to sit down with the new employee and outline the day to day responsibilities and set Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for the first three months in line with the organisational   performance management process.
  *   Supervisor/ manager to assess within the week if any training is required and arrange if necessary.
  *   Supervisor/ manager to outline the personal development plan and how this will be measured.
First month
  * Supervisor/ manager to review employee's progress and performance against agreed Key Performance...