Indstrialization After the Civil War

Industrialization after the Civil War

Assignment 1

HIS- 1156-001

                                                        Prof. Anthony McCormack

De’Shonda Lyons


The United States became an industrialized state after the Civil War, in this paper you will read about five different groups affected by the Revolution. The Industrial Revolution brought many changes to America. The Revolution affected everything in its path, including government, people, and way of life in general. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization improved American life in many ways, the Civil War was followed by the economic prosperity of the Gilded Age and because of this prosperity was to cause new conflicts in American society, which had to be settled by reform rather than Civil War.
Three Aspects of the Industrial Revolution
Three aspects of the Industrial Revolution include society, the economy, and politics. The American economy began to change during the Industrial Revolution; this change was mainly due to the increase of productivity. Productivity increased by using the out work system. This system consisted of people completing jobs in their homes (Economic Growth and the Early Industrial Revolution). Another way the economy changed was through the factory system. This system allowed a large scale of work to be completed in one location (Economic Growth and the Early Industrial Revolution).
The greatest social and economic impact of the agricultural revolution came from the "enclosure movement," in which farmers were able to enclose their fields and grow different crops during different seasons. This drastically changed the centuries old model of the "open field system," in which farmland was used in a semi-public fashion that prevented farmers from growing patterns that differed from traditional ones. This method of farming had been established during a prior agricultural revolution that occurred during the early medieval period. Initially this...