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The Growth of Honda and Indosat Advertising Data Leveraging Beat The Competition Maximise Advertising Impact Corporate Social Responsibility

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Number of production motorcycle units (million)

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Production of 4 million units

2009 2010 2011

The Growing Strength of Honda and Indosat
The Nation of INDOSAT is 46 million

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Top categories in advertising spending were: 1.  Telecommunication 2.  Motorcycles 3.  Hair Care 4.  Political Campaign 5.  Cigarettes Note: Nielsen advertising data showed that the two categories high spending were mainly to drive consumers awareness and purchase intention. 

Advertising Data

Advertising spending in media showed growth in broadsheet newspaper and television by 20% and 21% respectively. In value, spending for advertising in television (TV) was still dominant with (62%) compared to broadsheet Newspapers (35%) and Magazine (3%).

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The telecommunication and motorcycle industries are the biggest spenders in advertising. The reasons are simple: 1. economic growth 2. competition Here, we at Surya Kirpa Resources will show how leveraging and co-branding between Honda and Indosat can reap mutual benefits : Beat the competition Maximise advertising impact Serve the community (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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a Rp30,000 Indosat SIM pack to each new buyer of Honda motorcycle


Prices of Honda motorcycles are between USD 1370 to USD 5400, a Rp 30,000 SIM pack by Indosat is about USD 3.50, which will be less than 0.25% of the price of the motorcycle.

Indosat sells 4 million SIM packs, and with co-branding increase brand awareness through Honda’s dealers and service centers.

Surya Kirpa Resources @ 2011


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