Individuality: Article

All for One and One for All  
By ________________.
The Twenty-first century is filled with many different kinds of people with many different kinds of personalities.... but with six billion people in the world, you’re not that different.
You might think that you are completely individual, if someone says you’re not, you might argue that no one in the world has the same fingerprint as you, or that no one has the exact same eye colour. But really? You need to come back to reality and realise that just because you have different genes to the person sitting next to you, doesn’t mean you’re that different.    
The definition of individuality is: the qualities that distinguish one person or thing from another. Let’s have a look at these qualities. Hair colour is something that we use to tell people apart, we can change our hair colour to what suits us, or to what society tell us looks good. If you change how you look because someone says something else is better, you’re conforming. Chances are more than one person is going to have the same hair colour as you. How about the clothes you wear? If you buy them from a shop, then someone else is going to have the exact same as you. Just think, why are those clothes in the shop in the first place? Because someone has said that they look good, and people should buy them. So if you do, you are conforming to what someone says you should wear. But say you don’t get your clothes from a shop, and you make them yourself. You might say ‘I’m an individual; no one in the world has the same shirt as me’, but then how many people are there that make their own clothes? Once again, you’re conforming, but to the idea that it is good to make your own clothes.
What about music. Teenagers these days listen to a large range of music. Some listen to pop, some rock, country, metal, hip hop, the list goes on. They will often think that they are different because they listen to different music to the majority of people in their community, but...