For my part, I would say all the human being together including the famous and the non-famous. Therefore, I dissent with the statement above. In my opinion, the study of history needs to place emphasis both on individuals and groups of people whose identities have long been forgotten. Either of them is crucial to the history of human being.

The study of history should pay much attention to individuals because it was those famous few who directed the orientation for the human being. As for me, the few famous is like the person who could find the key to the door of the next era. They created a period of history and others whose identities have long been forgotten followed to write the history. Without the brilliant brain, the history would have kept steping around. Take the history of modern architecture as an illustration. Le Corbusier, known as the creater and the leader of the revolution of architecture in the beginning of 20th century, is an excellent example to support that. Before Le Corbusier, thousands and hundreds of people had already found that the classical styles were out of date and the society wanted a new kind of forms. However, from Taltelin to Gropius, none of them got the key to the door. It was Le Corbusier, the designer of Villa De Savoy, firstly claimed the five rules of the new architecture, which was known as modern architecture nowadays. A small step of an individual became a big step of the human being. After the declamation of his orders, architects all over the world began to practise, all of them, together with Le Corbusier, made the history of the modern architecture and changed the cities we live in. Thus, Le Corbusier was so important that no critics or historians would neglect him. The life of him the concise edition of the history of modern architecture. Hence, there is no doubt that we should put much emphasis on individuals such as Le Corbusier because most of they are too important to be omitted.

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