Individual Theories

Individual Theories
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CJS 240
Axia College of University of Phoenix

      History has proved over time that there are two types of young adults in the world, those who make the decision to be successful and those with the I don’t care attitude and intrigue with the life of criminal behavior. The reasons why these young adults make the choices that they do vary greatly in difference.. Three of the reasons mentioned by young adults as to why they choose the bad road involves having a horrible younger life, peer pressure and even the excuse of boredom. Being that we have young adults who choose to entertain criminal behavior we must also have in turn a system that can be measured in the deterrence of criminal behavior among youth.   Our current system does not seem to be as effective in improving this rising problem. To effectively be able to deter some of this criminal activity in youth, we need to gather information on why a youth chooses to involve themselves in this type of behavior, and there are many theories to this question.
One of those theories is labeled as the Genetic Theory. The genetic theory states that criminal behavior is inherited just as hair color or eye color is. It is theorized that embedded in these offenders is a genetic code that causes them to make certain decisions and be involved in criminal behavior. This theory also states that anyone can look at a child’s parents and determine whether or not the child is going to be an offender.   I find this theory not to be accurate. For one, there are children born to law abiding parents who commit criminal behavior just as there are children who are born to parents who have been involved in criminal behavior that are law abiding citizens. I feel that genetics lies in the borders of physical and emotional disorders or characteristics more than inherited criminal behavior traits. On the other hand a child can be raised by parents who practice criminal behaviors and learn...