Individual Patient Education Plan

Individual Patient Education Plan

Ceceilia R. Gee

NUR 427

November 15,2010

Case Scenario

    Jeff is a 45- year old, obese, Caucasian male diagnosed with new onset Diabetes Mellitus Type II.   Jeff sought medical attention because of a leg wound he received while at work that has failed to heal.   Upon further investigation by his primary care physician he also admitted to increased thirst, excessive urination and recent weight gain.   Jeff believed he has just been suffering from dehydration. He owns and operates a landscaping and lawn care business because of the recent economic downturn he was forced to lay off some of his workers and is now in the field. He has also been eating more recently and complained of being more tired.   In both instances Jeff believed that the increased labor demands of his job were the cause.

    Jeff medical history is unremarkable. At 13 he suffered a broken wrist as a result of a snowboarding accident.   He does not remember being ill often as a child and states he had the normal childhood illnesses such as the chicken pox.   Both his parents are living and neither have any health issues.   He denies any person in his family having had diabetes.

    Jeff is married and has three adult children.   Neither Jeff nor his wife completed high school.   Their first child was born during his senior year.   Jeff has no formal college education; he is an avid reader and considers himself well informed on most current events and political issues.   Jeff’s preferred form of learning is visually, as stated earlier he is an avid reader, he also likes to have his questions verbally explained.   Jeff is normally an easygoing, fun loving guy, quick to laugh and until recently loved to hike, camp and ride dirt bikes with his family.   The uncertainty of the cause of his leg wound not healing, his increased fatigue have caused Jeff to feel anxious and uncertain of his future and the future of his family.   The recent diagnosis of Type II...