Individual Needs

A health plan is used to help set aims for an individual into changing their lifestyle, it will support changes needed to be made, short term, medium term and long term it is designed to meet their individual needs and should be frequently reviewed and updated.
Below is a short term, medium term and long term plan for Bernard parker his need to stop smoking and manage angina and seek help for depression and generally improving his lifestyle:
Needs in short term to be given all the information on health and diet, and advised on healthy recipes and how to shop on a budget to provide for his ingredients.
To monitor his pain and establish if pain is stable. To be given literature on a health clinic and what services and support they provide. To also be supported emotionally with his health and well being and lifestyle changes, needs to be referred by GP to receive counselling for his depression. To inform and make him acknowledge that stress, smoking and weight gain can increase angina attacks and provide support for him in preventing this. Also to devise a suitable exercise plan a realistic one that will benefit him health wise. We also need to establish if he has any cultural or spiritual interests.
Medium term. Make sure that Bernard has fully understood and received all information, leaflets, and contact numbers. Also to make sure he is fully aware of his angina and managing it. To continue to monitor his blood pressure, by this point if the pain isn’t manageable with just his nitro-glycerine spray, statin then he will be having a risk assessment at the hospital which involves doing exercise on a treadmill and being monitored with the E.C.G.
Bernard to be attending the smoking clinic and gradually decreasing the intake of cigarettes, the clinic will address his individual needs and set realistic targets such as now dropping from 20 cigarettes to 15, and so on. He will be provided with patches and gum and will regularly monitor with the smoking machine....