Indian Head Massage

Summary of treatment

Pauline is a mature lady who works as a private carer and is also a busy housewife.
She is currently suffering some personal stress and is therefore very tense across her shoulders/neck.
She has a very sensitive scalp not in terms of allergies etc but sensitive to touch.
Pauline does not sleep well, she averages around 3½ hours and then is wakeful/sleeping in cycles.
On the whole she has a healthy diet and lifestyle.
We discussed after care, which as a student therapist herself, Pauline is aware of all expected possible reactions.
We decided on three initial treatments to help with stress levels and shoulder problems then review.


I encouraged feedback and as soon as I started on the scalp, with what I thought was a much gentler treatment, Pauline asked me to use less pressure.
The treatment went well and Pauline really did feel better in terms of shoulder pain/stiffness and an overall feeling of well-being.
The second treatment again came after a stressful day and Pauline enjoyed the treatment.
It helped to balance and calm her, and also released the tension in her shoulders that had made her ache.
I applied less pressure to the scalp and Pauline found no problems with the treatment.
When I balanced her Chakras she saw brilliant gold and purple colours.
The third treatment helped Pauline with pain and stiffness felt after a visit to the Osteopath for her Back problems.
Her shoulders were very tense and muscle felt quite solid.
I worked on these areas with good result. Muscle tone was much improved and Pauline felt the benefit.
Pauline was again very stressed at the beginning of her treatment. She felt much more calm and balanced afterwards.
The difference was very noticeable.