Indian Election


The election dynamics in India work in a very strange way .One percent swing of the electorate could earn them up to ten seats? So, every vote counts. The election commission says that only 75% of the electorate cast their votes –wouldn’t that absentee 25% mean a swing of over a hundred seats?
The commission prepares a list called ‘’voters list’’ for every consistency .This is considered a very sacred document like it is equivalent to the HOLY BIBLE! If our name is not in the list, we are a nobody. To be more blunt, we are not an Indian at all! So sacrosanct the darned list is.
How accurate the voter list is? Very inaccurate .Dead person’s name, names of people who have changed their resistance of people who have gone on transfer to another consistency appear there. When we leave our rented house, we think in terms of changing our gas connection electricity connection, ration card, telephone connection and so many other things but no one ever thinks of informing the election commission about the change of address so, where is the accuracy of this so called sacred list? And changes take place routinely almost daily. With so many imperfections in our electoral list, we boost to the world that we are the greatest democracy in the world and we had carried out a monumental election so successfully.
I would personally recommend that we go in for an all purpose electronic smart card which may contain all our personal information other than our residential address and which record details of our participation in various elections and we should be permitted to vote from any place in India and in any consistency .The central government said in 2010 that they are preparing an unique identity card for every individual where is it.?will it take twenty years to complete and provide it to evry individual.
The country desperately needs some young leaders who personify energy, enthusiasm, morality, and diligence. No doubt we have progressed a...