Increasing Motivation

Tutorial exercise: Increasing Motivation
1. The problem I am facing is that employees including clerks, spotters and pressers don’t accomplish their task well when they are not being watched by a partner is identified as motivation problem. Particularly to the extent that the behavior of the employees is unsuccessful, they are not rewarded in the sense that their needs are not satisfied.
2. To increase the motivation of clerks to provide prompt service to customers even they are not being watched by a partner, we must firstly identify the specific cause leading their performance. According to J. Stacy Adams, equity theory proposes that people motivated to seek social equity in the rewards they expected for performance. Clerks perceive that they will receive the same salary regardless of their contributions, so they don’t have motivation to perform well their job except for being watched by managers. So I will develop a system of salary payment based on their outcomes meaning the money they get will be positive related to their contribution. To get fixed salary they must accomplish 20 items per month per head and for additional item they will get 1% of the price of that item. So if they do not work appropriately, they will not receive the whole amount of salary. This plan will help company solve the problem of customer service.
3. Spotters are working daily with whitening powder, cleaner and stain remover which contain poisonous chemicals causing respiratory organs’ diseases and skin’s diseases or even cancer and they do not receive good compensation for the health risks they are suffering. Expectancy suggests that motivation depends on individuals’ expectation about their ability to perform tasks and receive desired reward. So to satisfy their need, I suggest to provide them tools to prevent them from the risk of poisonous chemicals including hand gloves, face masks, etc. Moreover, the company will assist them in health periodic testing and give them a certain...