Increasing Female Crime

Crime is the breach of rules or laws for
which are produced and finalised by governing authority and when these laws are broken it can ultimately prescribe a conviction. Crime has always been considered to be a mainly male activity but evidence shows a recent sharp increase in female crime.

Sociologists such as Mac an Ghaill believe that men of the 21st century are going through a ‘crisis of masculinity’ relating to who they are and what they are essentially needed for. But what about women?   their roles are increasingly changing and confusion can be caused between the male and female roles and many believe that this is the cause of the increase of female crime.

Post-modernists such as Lyotard state   that the identity and roles of women in society are changing; they are becoming increasingly independent and self reliant, and some changing their identities even more as the carefree troublemaking opposites that are males. The new identity of ‘Ladette’, sociologists believe are becoming the route of the increasing numbers of females committing and being convicted of crimes. A Ladette is a young woman who behaves in a manner similar to a young man, namely being boisterous and loud and drinking to excess, and it has been said that it is the excessive drinking and the new manor and aggressive behavior that is leading the committing crimes. An example of this is the case of Paris Hayes who is 17 years-old who began excessively drinking at the age of 14, her drinking lead to her expulsion at school and was constantly stopped by police for anti-social behavior.

In 2009 10 ‘Ladettes’ were detained in police custody every hour for some form of violent crime, this was an all time record in police accounts. 88,139 women were arrested for violence over the course of 12 months; this is nearly 250 women arrested per day, resulting in a massive increase of nearly 1000 than a year earlier, whereas astonishingly the number of men arrested fell by 10,000. 2009 is the...