Promote inclusion, equality and diversity, and identify other points of referral available to learners.

I promote inclusion everyday in my work as a tutor, by treating everyone the same regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, age etc... I have a lot of learners who need extra tuition because they struggle with literacy, due to learning difficulties or language barriers. I make my learners feel welcome and praise their efforts as they easily lose motivation or feel worthless.

I ensure that I give anybody extra help who needs it by making sure they understand the work by talking it through with them. If learners struggle to write their views down on paper, I ask them to explain what they want to say and write it down for them, exactly how they are saying it, so that it’s still within their vocabulary, I ask them to sign it.

I ensure all learners are treated the same, bearing in mind any diverse needs they have. If a learners is moving on very fast and has a lot of knowledge in the subject, I always follow at their pace, and bring them enough work to cope with. Due to most of my teaching being on a one to one basis, I can easily cater the teaching to each individuals needs without giving any cause for discrimination from others, the learners then feel comfortable to ask questions they wouldn’t normally in a group so that they can gain understanding.

At the beginning of the course I induct each learner onto programme and I ask each leaner to complete an essential skills booklet to see what level they are at for numeracy and literacy. I always advice the learners if they need any extra tuition. I also make referrals to any other support networks that I feel would benefit my learners for example interpreters