Inclusive Learning Culture

TAAENV402B Foster and Promote an Inclusive Learning Culture

An inclusive learning culture is one that values and respects each individual person and their contribution to work.   Its an environment that should promote learning and recognise people as individuals with varying needs and learning differences. In an work place such as an emergency department it is important for the trainer to encourage colleagues to participate in new and ongoing learning opportunities, for example……  

By fostering and promoting an inclusive learning culture, the trainer is able to prepare its learners to work more effectively and flexibly in diverse workplaces such as the emergency department and its ever changing environment.

It is vital that the trainer knows about why and how learning takes place so that the learners are able to achieve optimal outcomes in their learning environment.   Its important to have a benchmark that learners are able to reach. For example compliance with internal policies and procedures that affect the day to day running of the department. This could include such things as providing clinical guidelines for the management and care of a paediatric patient with croup.

It is important that the trainer also be aware of the learners reason for learning. Is it personal or due to changes in technology or equipment? Nursing is a profession that’s ever evolving and changing and improving its practices. Therefore knowing about the learners is part of making sure everyone who needs to access the learning environment is motivated to learn and able to participate to their full capacity.

In a learning environment, all learners should be treated as individuals who have different learning needs. This is important to be aware of as it may effect the way they learn the information being given. Some of these differences may include different learning styles, language backgrounds or religious practices. By being aware of these differences it enables the trainer...