Have a little read: ... This report reflects the process taken to design, make and evaluate an inclusive resource. 1.1 Background into Inclusion and Diversity The UN Rights of a Child linked to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognises education as a basic human right. As a guideline, it is a means to reflecting the processes in which children can be provided opportunities within education (Hornby (2004)). As confirmed by Barton (1997) P: 234; "inclusive education is part of a human rights approach to social relations and conditions. The intentions and values involved are an integral part of a vision of the whole society of which education is a part". Policies within the British political system have been influenced by reviews of the current system for supporting children beyond the classroom. Excellence for All Children: Meeting Special Educational Needs (DfEE (1997)), along with the Meeting Special Educational Needs: Programme of Action (DfEE (1998))both provided a commitment

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How Might Primary Schools And Teachers Contribute To The Promotion Of A Culture In Which Diversity Is Valued And Equality Of Opportunity Is A Reality? ‘for the rights of black people to be recognised by a discriminatory white America' (Thomas and Vaughan 2005, p12). The resonance that this speech has offers powerful insights into issues surrounding segregation in education. As far back as 1931 Tawney argued that discrimination of any kind is intolerable due to its effects on social life More recently there has been increasing concern, in the United Kingdom as well as in other countries, that schools are not doing enough to enable all pupils to achieve high standards. It is possible that this concern is highlighted due to the realisation that an effectively educated population is needed in order to achieve economic prosperity.

The concepts of equal opportunities and inclusion, particularly in...