In the Country of Men

“unable to conceal the amazement felt by the Libyans living abroad when they hear that a compatriot has managed to pass through the gate, been miraculously exempt from the endless restrictions and decrees, feeling both a sense of triumph, in knowing there still exists a thread connecting their country to the rest of the world, and jealousy, at not being permitted to return”
“Nasser must have been forgive, “Once labelled a ‘Conspirator’ and ‘traitor’, he had become a leading member of the diplomatic community”
Forgiven even though, “from these distances only blame and regret seem possible
“I am sorry, I said, and immediately felt the need to repeat my apology”
“I felt deep gratitude and searing envy. He was there in all the ways I couldn’t be”
:”everyone was getting on with their lives, busy forgetting, willing to forgive”
“Yes. I would like that, I would like it very much, Kareem”
“He kicked ferociously as Ustath Rashid’s leg did above the National Basketball Stadium:
“for abandoning my parents,
“But you have had many chances since to return, and he would be right
“I consider the option of not looking for her”
“You’re a man, I tell myself. And she’s coming to see you, to see what has become of her darling boy”
“The mother who tried to never have me, the mother who never chose it, the mother who resisted in all the ways she knew how:
“Mama! Mama”
“When I reach her she kisses my hands, my forehead, m y cheeks, combs my hair with her fingers, straightens my collar”