In Spite of Decline in Birth Rate, India’s Baby Food Market Reaches New High: Bonafide Research

Growing young girl’s population with changing preference, increasing proportion of working women population, rising child population aged between 0-5, increasing concerns regarding fulfilment of nutrition and vitamin in baby food are driving the demand for commercial baby food products in India.        

Child birth rate has been declined in India to 19.89% at present from 21.76% in 2009, although, the child population aged between 0-4 is growing. India baby food market is reaching a new phase where the demand for these products has increased than ever. Increasing awareness about the benefits of baby food products and parent’s inclination of providing high nutritional and vitamin containing baby food are fuelling the demand for commercial baby food products. Mainstream of working mothers who needs to return their work after maternity leaves generally give up breastfeeding at baby’s age of 6 months. Hence, working mothers are the key end users (purchasers) for commercial baby food products in the current scenario. Moreover, the baby food such as infant milk formula and follow-up formula are preferred when mother suffers from low breast milk supply or some maternal illness or in case of maternal death. Thus, these are the key demand growth factors for baby food market in India.

The key players focus on further widening their distribution network across India to increase the reach of products. Increased availability of various kinds of baby food products and variants are attracting new mothers to try them for their babies as every mother wish to feed quality food to their infant. Also, easy purchasing sources such as shop from online portals, general and modern retail chains, pharmacies, etc increases the accessibility of baby food products which ensures fast adoption of these products.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Baby Food Market Outlook, 2021”, baby food market is anticipated to showcase the CAGR of 16.83% during the...