In-Depth Research on China Reactive Power Compensation Device Industry, 2014-2018

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China Reactive Power Compensation Device Market
Share, Size, Trends, Growth, Research and
Development Trend Forecast 2014-2018

Currently, power quality reduction resulting from harmonic wave and reactive power in China's
electrical power system has become the most prominent problem of China's power grid, so more
and more attention has been paid to harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation as
effective measures to improve power quality. Especially with the implementation of energy
conservation and emission reduction policy going deep and the gradual acceleration of smart power
grid construction, the scale of the whole reactive power compensation device market is enlarging
rapidly, and product quantity and quality have also been improved drastically; meanwhile there are
more demands for reactive power compensation devices in many fields.
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Among domestic enterprises, Rongxin Power Electronic Co., Ltd., C-EPRI Science & Technology Group
Company and Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. enjoy higher popularity in the field of dynamic reactive
power compensation. The above-mentioned companies have advantages in TCR-SVC and SVG fields,
but no mature technologies in MCSR-SVC. Qingdao Evercontaining Electric Co. Ltd., Shandong Tai Kai
Power Electronic Co., Ltd., Beijing Soundpower Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong
Disheng Electron Co., Ltd. also have certain popularity. In 2013, CNY 371.7 billion was invested in
nationwide power supply, a year-on-year drop of 1.46%; CNY 389.4 billion was pooled into
nationwide power grid construction, an increase of 5.44% year-on-year; the two parts totaled CNY
761.1 billion, a rise of 1.96% year-on-year. Driven by electric power investment, reactive power
compensation device industry...