In Corporate America

Launching a new product in an already established business can be a very frightening situation. Despite the fact that, the main goal of the introduction of new product is to gain new customers and keep existing ones’, the reality is that even with all the testing and surveys conducted, a company can never know how the public will react to a new product until it has finally been introduced.
      In the corporate world of America, occasionally a company’s accomplishments are structure on how they reach consumers in specific target market.   Marketing is essential to any organization growth by providing a clear map to follow and a sound business plan.   It is very important to understand the role of marketing, which is to “transform a company’s goods or services. Within this paper, I will define marketing and provide definitions from two different sources.   Marketing is advertising products or services in such way as to make them sought-after.
      Products can be classified in many ways and their distribution can take many forms. Before production can be started, the company must determine what kind of product it can profitably produce. Management must decide what markets the product will satisfy, what materials will be needed, what processes will be required, what methods are needed for transport, and what quality and quantity of labor will be needed to produce the product. Knowledge of this information provides direction to the planning and organization of manufacturing (Janel Kupferschmid, 1999).
      Understanding the customer is essential for continual growth and the company must realize that both customers and their choices will constantly be changing.   Being sensitive to customer needs is part of what makes a company successful.   Furthermore, maintaining quality of service and setting high standards is what sets the pace for others to follow.
      Marketing is extremely vital and how a company or organization to success. For that reason, how companies...