In Class Essay

Finding the perfect employee, is like finding a needle in a hay stack.   Interview after interview, everybody seems to be the same.   No one stands out and makes you say “I would love to have you on my team”.   Maybe a job fair will do the trick!   I have immediate positions available for sales associates in my children’s clothing boutique, and maybe just maybe if I conduct a job fair I can put together the perfect team.   The ideal team will have four characteristics that will stand out to each and every customer making them to feel cherished and desired.   These traits will make long term relationships with the company and our customers.  
My first ideal trait would be a positive regard for children.   The employee must feel comfortable relating to children, enjoy spending time and feel motivated to help them. Children are our priority here at “Kids Rule” and we do whatever it takes to put a smile on their faces. Just yesterday I attended a tea party with a five year old and two teddy bears, which was more fun than you can imagine.   Shortly after I finally got her to try on the clothes her mother had given up on. The little girl ended her shopping experience with 2 dresses that she looked amazing in, a smile on her face and most importantly her mother was delighted with her outcome.   This customer outcome would be an example of a positive, friendly attitude towards kids and is also an important way to demonstrate the trait.
The second important trait will be patience.   Children present all kinds of situations. From stressful and frustrating to the problematic and out right chaotic.   If you come in contact with this situation I would like my employee to be able handle this with dignity and ease.   When you have screaming uncooperative children usually means parents need help, that’s where we step in. of course we ask permission from the parent and with the consent we may give the child notice of our oversized toy chest or our gummy bear mountain which is only 2 of our...