Improving Organization Retention Paper

Improving Organization Retention Paper
Jamar Jamerson
November, 09, 2015
Professor Franklin

Improving Organization Retention
    The occurrence of excessive turnover, absenteeism, and retention issues accompany with counterproductive work behavior generates major problems for organizations.   The scenario of JC’s Casino has the indications of poor disengaged ineffective managerial skills that has create occupational stressors that negatively influencing retention, recruitment and job satisfaction of the employees. Psychological Musings states (nd), when organizations fail to retain quality employees, they are left with an understaffed and unqualified workforce who will ultimately affect the organization's ability to be competitive (as cited in Hausknecht, Rodda, & Howard, 2009).  It’s valid for the success of JC’s Casino to apply the professional services of an Industrial Organizational Psychologist; which will strategical evaluate work motivation theories to improve recruitment and retaining dealers and housekeeping employees.
    After reviewing the employees exit interviews the Industrial Organizational Psychologist discover that most of the dealers had been leaving the casino to work at other casinos, even though JC’s Casino pays better than their local competitors; also the majority of the dealer’s described the pit boss, as being “toxic, overbearing, evil, and incompetent.” The casino owner’s step-son name Joe is the pit boss.   Explaining that Tom Sneed the HR director has failed to confront the owner; because he is afraid.   These actions may be the possible occupational stressors negatively influencing retainment and recruitment.   Improvements would be needed to alleviate these stressors. The Industrial Organizational Psychologist will examine the Casino’s influencing role of job satisfaction and retention; then would provide recommendations for improving job satisfaction of the employees and successfully improving retention.   To...