Improving Lolly Sales

Improving lolly sales

sugarless gum category is up 11.3% for the fifty-two week period ending July 15. Better yet, sugarless gum sales are up 15.3% for the twelve-week period ending in mid-July. IRI is reporting fifty-two week sales of more than $600 million for the sugarless gum category vs. $480 million for the regular gum category. As recently as 1999, non-sugarless gum regularly outsold sugarless gum.

The rapid increase in sales of these strong-flavored, sugarless gums has had an impact on the sales of breath fresheners. Breath freshener dollar sales are down 7.9% for the twelve-week period ending July 15. The two categories are interchangeable for consumers in their desire for fresh breath.

Favorable pricing on raw materials and promotion activity led to a strong first half for chocolate candy. Sales increased 4.5% in the second quarter led by a 10.4% increase in the snack size category. Singles sales also increased more than 7% during the second quarter. The outlook remains strong for second-half sales increases as long as cocoa commodity prices stay favorable.

The novelty candy category once again enjoyed strong summer sales with a 7.5% increase in the twelve-month period ending July 15. Retailer promotional efforts during the summer months helped this category continue its trend as one of the fastest growing segments of the confectionery category over the past ten years.

The major introduction of Body Smarts by the Adams Division of Pfizer had a major impact on the sales of nonchocolate candies. Snack size nonchocolate sales have increased almost 50% over the past twelve weeks. The new items, with added nutrients and less fat, enjoyed tremendous shelf placement in their first six months.

The outlook for candy and gum sales for the second half of 2001 is very positive. Halloween, which has shown strong increases over the past few years, should once again boost seasonal sales and Christmas should be a successful sales season with nearly five...