Improving Communication - Ig

TO: IG Board of Directors, Sr. Management Team
FROM: Communications Dept. Manager
DATE: Dec 14, 2015
SUBJECT: Improving Communications Project

  One of the most important aspects of every successful organization is the ability to have effective communications in every direction be it downward from management to employee, upward from employee to management, laterally between employees or outward, to customers or clients.   It has become apparent that with our organization’s rapid growth, our communication processes have suffered.   The creation of this team was requested by management to assess the issues and make suggestions for positive resolutions.
Team Members
  For this assignment, I have pulled members from our management and employee fields to create our communication review team.   I’ve studied the employee files and noted personnel behaviors to create a team with five members that have good communication and analytical skills, are honest and appear to work well with their teammates and our clients.

After several weeks, the team found communication issues involving employee to employee problems and breakdowns in communications within teams.   Because the smaller communication problems continued unchecked, they were allowed to spread throughout the organization and now affects our communications with suppliers and clients.
Employee to Employee Issues:   With the growth of the organization and addition of so many new employees, it is not surprising that there are personality conflicts between employees.   In addition, in several cases we found that employees had no clear chain of command and felt they were answering to multiple supervisors.
Communication Problems within Teams:   The main problem we discovered that employees within teams was experiencing was directly related to the newness of the teams and the pressure to produce.   When asked in private, several team members said that they had not had a chance to get to know the other team...