The Day My Life Changed

I stepped through the door to my grandmother and grandfather's home without even a
knock. My grandpa looked up from the television he was watching, from his cozy comer chair. He had a head of snowy white hair gleaming in the room. Over his broad body, hung a navy blue dress shirt and a fuzzy cardigan sweater. He wore slacks, held up awkwardly by a belt, allowing his small potbelly to hang over it. His face showed the years of worry and stress, and his white bushy eyebrows and growing second chin showed his old age. His smile greeted me. As I drew close to him, his aging arms reached out and wrapped around my body and pulled me into a warm loving hug. As he released me from the hug, I said, "Grandpa, I have some news I want you to hear" as I plopped down in the chair beside him. "I wanted to let you know that I am getting married," I told him.

The room was left in a dead silence, frozen for a brief period of time, as we recovered from the intensity of the news I had brought him. Reaching for the remote to turn off the television, my grandfather looked at me. Before he could say a word, the excitement of an unseen grandmother came from the kitchen. Both our eyes looked toward the cheerful light and the sounds of my grandmother's excitement As the excitement faded away, his eyes turned toward mine. Awaiting his comments, my eyes were open wide. Excitement had filled my body, because of the news I had just brought him. "Wonderful, go ahead...